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International Journal of Advance Research in Nursing
2023, Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part D
Treands of forensic nursing and medicine

Suman Yadav

Today forensic and criminal investigations have an importance and reached at a certain point and goal of knowledge for the facts of true justice. The forensic science is the involvement of many different disciplines to solve a crime and to get the justice. Forensic nursing is the application of nursing science to public and legal proceedings. It provides treatment for trauma or death to victims and the perpetrators of abuse, Violence, Criminal offenses, Traumatic accidents and events of nature. Forensic science is the branch of scientific knowledge and methodology for criminal investigation and legal problems and its complications.
Forensic medicine are also called as legal medicine, is the medical speciality which applies the principle and practice of medicine to the elucidation of questions in judicial proceedings. In our modern and increasingly complex society the 2 professions of law and medicine can no longer continue in their tranquil and separate way. Forensic science is a multidisciplinary subject. It comprises with various field and branches of science such as medicine, engineering, social science and different investigation. In forensic science crimes analyse with physical evidences such as blood DNA, Fingerprint, cause of death, time of incidence that are definite witnesses which are very enough to prove for the true justice of criminal in the court of law.
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International Journal of Advance Research in Nursing
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Suman Yadav. Treands of forensic nursing and medicine. Int J Adv Res Nurs 2023;6(1):238-241. DOI: 10.33545/nursing.2023.v6.i1.D.324
International Journal of Advance Research in Nursing
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