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International Journal of Advance Research in Nursing
2021, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part A
Assertiveness training

Sunil Kumar Awate and Dr. J Rukumani

Assertiveness training is a form of behaviour therapy designed to help people stand for themselves-to empower themselves, in more contemporary terms. Assertiveness is a response that seeks to maintain an appropriate balance between passivity and aggression. Assertive responses promote fairness and equality in human interactions, based on a positive sense of respect for self and others. Assertiveness training can be an effective treatment for certain conditions, such as depression, social anxiety, and problems resulting from unexpressed anger. Assertiveness training can also be useful for those who wish to improve their interpersonal skills and sense of self-respect [1]. This article highlights on assertiveness, history of assertiveness training, assertiveness training procedure, benefits of assertive training.
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Sunil Kumar Awate, Dr. J Rukumani. Assertiveness training. Int J Adv Res Nurs 2021;4(2):01-06. DOI: 10.33545/nursing.2021.v4.i2a.176
International Journal of Advance Research in Nursing
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