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International Journal of Advance Research in Nursing
2021, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part E
Concept mapping in nursing education

Dr. Ram Kumar

Concept maps are a graphical tool which is used to visualize meaningful relationships among concepts. Positive effects of concept maps in nursing education is to develop students’ critical thinking skills, academic success, nursing competence skills, knowledge and comprehension levels, student satisfaction and cognitive learning levels. Concept maps can be of different types based on their process of using. All types of concept maps are connecting main ideas and concepts with the help of branches and reveal new knowledge and connections.
Process of concept mapping can take place in a single day or can be spread out over weeks or months depending on the situation. Finding of the various studies have shown positive results about the use of concept maps. Students also have given positive feedback regarding impact of concept mapping in learning process. It was determined that the use of the concept map teaching method for nursing students improves the students' critical thinking skills, the sense of accomplishment and self -confidence.
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Dr. Ram Kumar. Concept mapping in nursing education. Int J Adv Res Nurs 2021;4(1):305-310. DOI: 10.33545/nursing.2021.v4.i1.E.165
International Journal of Advance Research in Nursing
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